About Lake Metroparks

  • Since 2012, Lake Metroparks has opened 8 new parks, added 11 miles of park trails, built 10 new park shelters, and constructed a 200-foot pier.

  • During the pandemic, Lake County Residents broke all records with over 4 million visits to our parks, with an increase of 690,000 visits from the previous year!
  • To meet that demand and to continue to be there for you, Lake Metroparks is asking for your support for Issue 2, a property tax renewal of 0.8 mil. and increase of 0.4 mil. for a total of 1.2 mill.

  • Issue 2 is a small investment to protect our Metroparks that costs only $1.17 more per month, just $14 more per year, for every $100,000 of property value.
  • We can keep our parks clean, safe, and thriving for our families, friends, and neighbors.

  • The Lake Metroparks system is a responsible steward of the public’s land and their investments.

  • Our Metroparks are sustainably managed so they will thrive now and in the future.

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